Saint-Gobain Glass (2022)

Time travel: Louis XIV visits the modern world


Persuade consumers that the glass makes the window, and sharpen customer interest in the set of benefits that the glazing from Saint-Gobain offers. 


When a brand has an ancient and absolutely amusing history & tradition, it would be a folly not to share it!


Arrange time travel sessions in which Louis XIV visits modern world interiors. 


Slogan: Glass of Noble Origin 

Refer to the ancient royal history of the brand Saint-Gobain: created more than 350 years ago by French Sun-King Louis XIV. 

How it worked

We have prepared a digital campaign based on a video series (4 videos) with a single character in all of them – Louis XIV. 

The king is portrayed live by an actor and the story is that he has arrived on a mission to test in an amusing and even bizarre ways modern day interiors to only affirm the superb quality of glass. 

We have created a landing page for the campaign listing all key benefits of SGG Glass and also referring to the Louis XIV story and the videos. 

PR support is also vital with advertorials in popular DIY and other media to reach both specialists and the wider public. 


The campaign is ongoing! 

In the meantime, the concept created in Bulgaria will also be used for the Romanian market! Efficacité!