Media relationsMake your voice
louder and clearer

Media relationsMake your voice louder and clearer


Make your voice louder and clearer

Based on mutual respect and professionalism media relations represent a core expertise at the agency.

If you commission us, our commitment is going to cover the following:

  • Getting acquainted with the history, mission, goals, current issues and achievements of your company or organization;
  • Creating worthwhile content for you which is truthful, compelling and interesting;
  • Making sure that media would generate quality news and materials in the spirit of your company or organization goals;
  • Offering trainings for successful media conduct.

The agency achieves all this by means of consistent communication with various media outlets and their sector journalists. We count on good knowledge of media policies, of media content and style, as well as of the profile and habits of audiences.

How we succeed:

  • By developing long-term relations with media;
  • By relying on dialogue and openness as a manner to work with them;
  • By creating quality and authentic content for our clients in tune with the priorities of media audiences.