What can we do for you?

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Make your voice louder and clearer

Based on mutual respect and professionalism media relations represent a core expertise at the agency.

If you commission us, our commitment is going to cover the following:
  • Getting acquainted with the history, mission, goals, current issues and achievements of your company or organization;
  • Creating worthwhile content for you which is truthful, compelling and interesting;
  • Making sure that media would generate quality news and materials in the spirit of your company or organization goals;
  • Offering trainings for successful media conduct.
The agency achieves all this by means of consistent communication with various media outlets and their sector journalists. We count on good knowledge of media policies, of media content and style, as well as of the profile and habits of audiences.

How we succeed:
  • By developing long-term relations with media;
  • By relying on dialogue and openness as a manner to work with them;
  • By creating quality and authentic content for our clients in tune with the priorities of media audiences.

It’s a small world

In a world where interests of various groups of people are intertwined in a complex way there are no road signs for win-win communication. We help you being open to the groups and/or communities whom the attainment of your goals depends on.

Working with stakeholders we build together positive relations with them in harmony with your and their interests.

If we work for your company or organization we will be in charge of:
  • Identification of all stakeholders at a certain moment or for a certain project;
  • Outlining the main and secondary stakeholders;
  • Analysis of stakeholders with a view to better understanding of their profile, interests and motivation;
  • Developing a strategy with channels of communication with them: live meetings, one-to-one, direct marketing, digital communication, roundtables, discussion clubs, steering committees etc.

United in diversity

To us PRis a job about causes.And socially relevant, noble causes are generators of communities. We know how long the process of creating communities takes and what kind of communication is necessary for their maintenance and development.

We are convinced that the vitality of your causes depends directly on the vitality of the communities that form around them. We can be of help to you in:
  • starting communities linked to your long-term causes;
  • develop communication by means of which the community and cause evolve together;
  • keep a level of activity that benefits the communities you care for;
  • generate new causes in a community environment.

Solving puzzles together

Our experience with corporate clients from various sectors (retail trade, construction, banking, non-banking finance, automotive, logistics etc.) is a source of professionalism and flexibility in solving a range of PR cases.

In the briskly evolving sector of corporate communications the agency could be of help by not only building media and public relations. We can also assist in:
  • designing corporate identity materials;
  • creating corporate social responsibility programs;
  • building corporate and personal reputation.
We work in these areas because we believe that your corporate communication will be most effective provided it is uniform and consistent.

Crisis lurking round the corner

Crises occur and will occur and skillful crisis communication is the first step in dealing with them.

If a crisis occurs for your company or organization our job will be to:
  • carry out adequate communication with media, clients, stakeholders and the public;
  • offera strategy for the restoration of bruised reputation.
Crises are more often than not unexpected but with our help you can prepare for them. At such moments we are by your side so that we could respond together with dignity to media interest and to the reactions of your employees and clients.

Press Enter to continue

Today digital communication is key for any business. It permeates the entire cycle of public relations. The increasingly popular social media have become a 24/7 source of news and commentaries. Online authorship has broken old-time limits – self-publishing has prospered and using mediaas a bridge to audiences is no longer a must. In this context a few analysts talk about PR journalism: PR experts now directly communicate online with stakeholders and the wider public.

In this rapidly changing communication picture we can help in your consistent digital communication through:
  • e-mailings;
  • online content for various formats and goals;
  • design, content and management of social media accounts;
  • design and content of blogs and websites;
  • online monitoring of topics and competitors.

Tell them about you

Today content for PRis getting better and more diverse. The role of the conventional press release has waned at the expense of story-telling in PR and advertising communication. Besides, the volume of photo, graphic and video content has been growing and getting more influential.

We invite you to rely on us in this quite motivating multi-genre environment for telling your story.
  • Your company, institution or brand are worth a story well told. Never doubt that.
  • We see our role in the ability to create interesting content for you that engages recipients emotionally and keeps your audienceawake.
  • For sure you have many things to say and we are here to recreate your story in an authentic and compelling way, with good knowledge of themes, characters and the audience.

Something happened

Though paradoxically in a growing digital society live meetings and contacts are indispensable for worthy communication. To organize your corporate event we will start from the very beginning:
  • Creative idea: even strictly businesslike events benefit from an unconventional and creative approach. See for yourself!
  • Moderator and a detailed scenario;
  • Invitations and presentations: content and design;
  • Decoration and catering, coordination of elements;
  • Photo and video shooting of the event;
  • Tracing media coverage.
Without underrating the role of events as autonomous communication units however, we see their place as highlights along the comprehensive process of your communication. As part of an integrated campaign the events are the icing of the cake summarizing and synthesizing the content that we generate for you in a given project.